Monday, October 26, 2020

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Anti-White Doctor & CNN Blame Whites for Spreading COVID-1984

Another day, another hateful attempt the mainstream media tries to smear Whites.

Terrorist Left Attack Police Car While Cop Inside

This is insane. I believe this is in Canada.

The World Economic Forums Plans For Us Are Made From Nightmares

Pope Francis Calls For Civil Union Laws For Homos

Instagram Supports White Genocide Images



Soundtrack For A New White Hope

I’ve been enjoying White Art Collective a lot as well as all the artists who they feature. So, this inspired me to make my next compilation to surround most of the musicians from there as well as add a few others.

Tree Warrior – Aryan Midgard is Sinking

Tree Warrior is Alt-Tech

Tree Warrior – The New Sagas Are Now

Battle with the Enemy: A Darkwave Soundtrack

Retrowave Soundtrack for the New World Order

Retrowave Soundtrack for the Apocalypse

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Meme: Mao/Biden Three Red Banners/Flags Campaigns

New Merch Available

Meme: COVID-1984 Child Slaves


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