Saturday, February 27, 2021

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Daemon – The White Lion Roars

On our way to new beginnings.

Alt-Tech’s Mixtape #1

Long ago my friends and I would make mixtapes for each other. It was a sort of tradition and a gesture of friendship as well as a way to spread the word about awesome musicians. Alt-Tech’s Mixtape series is bringing back the good times.

Daemon – Code 13

Daemon – White Pilled Escape Pod

Daemon – Steorra

Soundtrack For A New White Hope

Latest Videos

BBC: Skiing is Too White

I believe this is an older video, but it’s been the anti-White attitude from the corporate world for quite some time.

Idiots Respond to Black on Asian Attacks by Marching in the Street Against White Nationalism

Several hundred idiot anti-Whites from the Washington Square Park “Unite Against White Nationalism” rally marched through NYC.

Coca-Cola Hates White People

Asians Form Militias to Stop Black Violence

Violentiam 2020: The Year of Black on White Love & BLM/Antifa Peaceful Protest

ADL Anti-White Hate Group Deems All Whites As Extremists


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