Alt-Tech’s Mixtape #1

Daemon Music

Long ago my friends and I would make mixtapes for each other. It was a sort of tradition and a gesture of friendship as well as a way to spread the word about awesome musicians. Alt-Tech’s Mixtape series is bringing back the good times.

This is the first compilation of a series of “mixtapes” featuring musicians I recommend in checking out and supporting.

Song list:

  1. Awaiting Dawn – Dream to Fly
  2. ForNull – Gorthang’s Rock
  3. The Great Order – Someone To Know
  4. Jody Kay – Within
  5. Arcology – Broken Design
  6. Daemon – White Pilled Escape Pod
  7. Synthicide (featuring Peter Morrison) – We Begin
  8. Euphemia Signe – Fly
  9. Hiraeth – Sacrifice
  10. Jack Hwyte – He Wrestled with God Blues
  11. the Mamas & the Pepes – Imagining a Future
  12. American Zarathustra – Become Who You Are
  13. Lord Wølfshiəld – Hero or Villain
  14. Nullus – Illegitimate (featuring The Persecution by Volk Dissident)
  15. Sonya Marlene – My God Will Never Forget Me
  16. Foster The Appellation – It’s You
  17. Thyme & Place – 02 (from Songs of Autumn)
  18. Arya Sattya – Freefall
  19. Will Stanley – Rats in the Larder
  20. Emily Youcis – Tom Jewns

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