How to Block COVID-1984 Contact Tracing Technology

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By the time you are watching this video Apple and Google’s digital contact tracing technology is included in new updates to iOS and Android have been released and installed on your phone. So, this tutorial is going to give you some steps that will help the nefarious tracking become more difficult to perform and protect you from this tyranny as well as the other tracking that has been going on the whole time you’ve had the phone.

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The contact tracing tech is claimed to be using a Bluetooth system that only stores the data on the phone directly, but they most likely are additionally having that data sent over WIFI networks at every given moment it is available. So, first we want to do some things in the phone’s settings, and then I will tell you how to further protect it using a material that will create what’s called a faraday cage.

  1. In your phones settings you need to turn off Bluetooth, as well as location services. Most people don’t need Bluetooth unless you’re connecting to speakers or keyboards. So, turn that off. For location services, I would suggest if you’re in need of GPS maps, to buy a GPS device that is not connected to a phone. Also, paper maps are worth learning.
  2. Any kind of auto-updates need to be turned to manual. This includes any apps, as they might try to use backdoors to typical apps as this is what corporations do all the time to track you.
  3. Online there are many blocking pocket Faraday holders that will block all signals, but the material I suggest using is cheaper and it is proven to work at least for devices using up to 4G. I have not tested 5G, and this will probably will not work for that.
    1. Using tin foil, wrap your phone in two layers. This will prevent any signals from coming into the phone and leaving it. This will mean you will not be able to receive any calls, but they will not be able to track you.
    1. A further step would be to turn off the phone, and even remove the battery if you have that capability, but if you’re wanting to go that level, I would suggest just leave the phone home at this point. Also, the phone is always on, and NSA is always tracking you using a low power source that is connect to the power-on/off button.

People need to make a choice if they want these devices in their lives at all. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to not be able to function in society with out them, but I would suggest deciding what you need them for most and taking heart to these suggestions. These steps should also be done on your laptops, tablets, etc. People are also buying old non-smart phones to use for travel and taking the precautions I have given above to try and limit this invasive technology.

Good luck.