Microsoft Teams Up With Spirit Cooking Satanist Marina Abramović to Create the “Art of the Future”

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By participating in this kind of virtual reality you are actually participating in an actual satanic ritual. When you support Marina Abramović and Microsoft think about all of the children who have been abused through their global operation of child rape trafficking and child porn (pizzagate) as well as those who have been brainwashed into satanism to do the work of evil.

Watch video on LBRY:ć-to-Create-the-Art-of-the-Future:1?r=ADPrDDDf1CZdSn7LpvXNKVePTGhrQaoS
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Update: Microsoft just took down their “commercial” featuring Satanist, Marina Abramović which had comments turned off, 24k dislikes and now has been fully deleted. Here is the original video.