Reviewing: CryptoTab Browser [Scam]


Update: I no longer use this browser and app because it’s a luring scam. Basically, when you start with the mining you mine large amounts, but over time it decreases greatly. They are trying to get you to buy their “boost”. They probably are also data mining you and selling your data. So, I am calling this one out as a scam.

Original review:

I like to try out new and different services when it comes to cryptocurrencies. There are so many of them out there, that it’s hard to tell who is legit or a scammer.

This is how I felt when I came across Cryptotab.

Cryptotab , AKA Cryptotab Browser has a short video:

Typical, and generic for a crypto commercial, I would say. Still, I thought I would give it a chance.

I installed it on my computer just like you would with any browser, here’s the link (my referral link): .

Once you get going and mine for a while it’ll look like something like the above.

Their minimum amount to withdraw is 0.00001, which isn’t that much, but I wanted to test drive and see if this is real. The amount I made above only took a few hours since I’m using a computer with a GPU (You don’t need on).

I requested my withdraw and crossed my fingers…

Now, it was the waiting game. If you check your status it looks like this:

At this point my payment hadn’t been processed. Yike! So, I went to bed.

Got up this morning and bing! It went through!

So it works! This is great. People can mine bitcoin and it’s really easy for anyone. It also acts as a browser, and the more you browse the more your earn as well. It has a cloud booster that pops up when you do that helps you make more.

And if you use my referral You will be a part of my network which helps me make more, and you can do the same with your friends to help you make more.

So, thumbs up on this. If you’re into crypto mining this one is for one to try.

Please use my referral code: