Reviewing: De-Mainstream YouTube

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If you’ve been paying attentions to Youtube you may have noticed that they have decided to destroy themselves and turn into a crappy mainstream media cable channel. Here’s a quick video I made showing this:

Well, after making this video I began to wonder if there was some kind of browser plugin that could eliminate all of the mainstream crap and show mostly content creators who like of what we knew Youtube used to be like (with the exception of those who have unfortunately been banned).

Fortunately, I found De-Mainstream Youtube! They are located here:

You can install the plugin on Brave Browser (my favorite browser), Dissenter, Chrome, and Firefox. You can choose who you want blocked or not on Youtube.

I personally do not use Youtube any longer due to the direction they’ve gone with the censorship and promotion of pure trash, but now that I have this plugin I can have a more pleasant experience if I do use it.

So, I give a thumbs up to the developer, and recommend this as a tool for the modern dissenter. Again, the url is .