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In this digital age of censorship by the authoritarian corporations and the governments that rule around the world, we are scrambling to find solutions to this evil problem so that the internet can remain the wonderfully free thing that it has been for decades. LBRY might be one of the few who is getting it right, thanks to blockchain technology and freedom minded humans.

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As a content creator, I’ve been battling trying to find the best solutions to host digital content such as videos without the threat of authoritarian communist-style censorship. Years ago, my Youtube channel was deleted without explanation and Google demonetized me… for reasons I still don’t know. The way these big tech companies and the government have been behaving over the past few years has become a continuing issue, but solutions are here! LBRY has jumped into this fight.

LBRY describes itself as;

“First and foremost, LBRY is a new protocol which allows anyone to build apps that interact with digital content on the LBRY network. Apps built using the protocol allow creators to upload their work to the LBRY network of hosts (like BitTorrent), to set a price per stream or download (like iTunes) or give it away for free (like YouTube without ads). The work you publish could be videos, audio files, documents, or any other type of file.”

“Traditional video (or other content) sites such as YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify store your uploads on their servers and allow viewers to download them. They also allow creators to make some money through advertising or other mechanisms. However, there are some well-known drawbacks, especially for people whose material is perceived as not being advertiser-friendly.”

“LBRY aims to be an alternative to these sites, allowing publishers and their fans to interact directly without the risk of demonetization or other meddling.”

“What makes this all possible is the blockchain technology developed by the creator of Bitcoin.”

“Do you have to understand any of this to use and enjoy LBRY? No. Does it still matter to users? Yes!”

So, my experience with LBRY has been amazing. In fact, I have changed all my videos over to LBRY and embedded them into this website for the main view. I still am using Bitchute and Brighteon and they should be supported, but LBRY is ahead of the game and it’s a critical time we have competitive technology to fight against the evil who work for the likes of Youtube/Google and all the others.

It’s not just censorship resistance tech that LBRY offers. I like that I can have my videos at a high quality, and they are made available within minutes. People automatically get to download the video so they have a copy which is also a game changer in the fight against censorship. I also know that since this is blockchain based that it has more security from foe who seek to take the videos down. They simply cannot be censored… not even by LBRY.

They have a cryptocurrency (LBC) which lets viewers tip the content creator and although my content is new, I have already been receiving tips on my videos which is important. You can also have a paywall for all of your content, and if you’re wondering how someone without money can earn LBC you simply just have to watch, and you get some LBC.

I can go on about LBRY, but instead of writing a book let’s just say there are many other features worth mentioning.

I want to invite people to check it out for themselves – especially those who have been banned from the mainstream media. It’s free to use and most certainly seems to be another solution to the problems we’re seeing big tech and government. Thank you LBRY and the team who behind it.

My LBRY invite link:$/invite/@thebinarydissident:4

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