Soundtrack For A New White Hope

Music Tree Warrior

I’ve been enjoying White Art Collective a lot as well as all the artists who they feature. So, this inspired me to make my next compilation to surround most of the musicians from there as well as add a few others.

The theme of this soundtrack is around how we as Whites will have a new hope for us – we will indeed survive this attempted genocide because our people have survived worst in the past. Since we are awake and pushing for our own White well being we will be the ones who carry on the torch and be stronger than ever.

Anyway, this is a great mix of musicians. Please check them out and support them – they deserve it!


0:00 – The Hope County Choir – Keep Your Rifle by Your Side

2:50 – The Mamas & the Pepes – One Of My Kind

5:35 – Tree Warrior – Aryan Midgard is Sinking

8:45 – Olivia Key – My Blood

11:42 – Xurious ft. Hiraeth – Keep In Mind

15:03 – Synthicide – Tomorrow Belongs to Us

19:52 – American Zarathustra – Re-imagine

23:34 – Emily Youcis – Red Velvet

28:24 – Jack Hwite – Western Apocalypse Now (ForNull 2020 Remix)

31:23 – Überfolk 0 Supernatural Fires

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