War Criminal Tony Blair: Increasing Surveillance State and Doing Away with All Privacy Is a Price Worth Paying Due to Covid-19

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In a recent article titled, “A Price Worth Paying: Tech, Privacy and the Fight Against Covid-19” by the Tony Blair Institute For Global Change, they outline plans on adding more anti-privacy technology to your lives.

Watch video on LBRY: https://open.lbry.com/@thebinarydissident:4/War-Criminal-Tony-Blair-Increasing-Surveillance-State-and-Doing-Away-with-All-Privacy-Is-a-Price-Worth-Paying-Due-to-Covid-19:8?r=AYDmHA8fXJJB3SzUwbtzEm7BLoxWX6Tp
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The quotes are as follows:

“Technology gives policymakers a possible way through the lockdown, avoiding high loss of life & economic damage. But the price of this is increased technological surveillance.”

“Technology has a role to play in controlling Covid-19 transmission at four distinct stages – 1️) Detecting suspected cases, 2️) Testing suspected cases, 3️) Tracing people at risk, 4️) Enforcing social distancing”

In a recent video globalist war criminal Tony Blair explains the sentiments in his own words…

These people hate you.

They will only continue this until you are completely enslaved!

Resist the New World Order!


A Price Worth Paying: Tech, Privacy and the Fight Against Covid-19


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